Trade Show Exhibitors Have Many Display Options

For everything, there is a season. This is also true in the trade ماى سيما industry. You may be a first time exhibitor or a seasoned pro. You may have additional trade shows you want to attend that occur simultaneously or you may want to just test the waters before you leap into a new trade show arena. The choice is yours. The good news is that there are plenty of options you can choose from.

Before deciding on what type of trade show display booth you want, however, you must first determine your space size requirements and the number of trade shows you will be exhibiting in during the next year. This information will help you decide whether to buy vs. rent. If you buy, there are four categories of trade show exhibit displays: custom, custom modular, pre-owned and portable trade show displays. Check out the advantages and disadvantages of each. Light weight materials are less expensive to operate than the traditional all-wood displays.

Use tension fabrics, woods, colored metal, layered graphics that require fewer shipping containers, provide a current design trend look, and save on operating costs. Older traditional trade show exhibit displays can be obsolete because they are expensive to handle due to heavy weight, require larger size and number of crates to ship, and they are not consistent with current design trends.

Let’s say you want to test the waters and you want to purchase a trade show exhibit. Did you know you could purchase a pre-owned trade show display that will save you time and money?

In fact, you can cut your trade show exhibit design time and construction costs by more than half when you select a previously owned trade show booth display. Check out the inventory from professional trade show display companies that handle top quality pre-owned exhibits. They often own exhibits that their clients have formerly used. You can find numerous options depending on size, design, scope and price similar to trade show display rentals. Be sure to select an exhibit configuration that fits your booth space and then modify the graphics and structural elements to conform to your staffing, image, communications and traffic requirements. You can then have customized trade show graphics on your trade show exhibit and can be “out the door and on the floor” in a matter of weeks.

By contrast, another option which is on the opposite side of the spectrum, is the custom trade show display booth which can be virtually anything you want it to be. As the term implies, the trade show exhibit is custom-built to your exact specifications. You can capture the drama of your firm’s breakthrough product offering and make your presence known on the show floor as you dazzle visitors with creative trade show graphic design, materials, size, elevation or AV components. The custom designed trade show exhibit is the “piece de resistance” of the trade show exhibit product field, where an exhibitor is willing to create high drama and powerful imagery for the sake of a truly powerful impact.

Another trade show display option is the custom modular trade show exhibit which offers the ultimate in trade show exhibit imaging without the higher cost of custom trade show displays. Modular construction means taking advantage of interchangeable components such as back walls, counters, display pedestals and exterior panels. Lightweight structural materials such as aluminum, Plexiglas and high-grade fabrics provide simplified assembly, space-saving packing and lower shipment and handling costs. The flexible trade show display components allow you to reconfigure the design or size of your booth from one trade show to another. Modular exhibits offer design and image quality without sacrificing value.

You may also consider a lightweight portable trade show display as a way to meet a variety of trade show display configurations while presenting a distinctive creative image. Easy to set-up, the trade show portable system has a skeletal frame with attachable laminate panels, which simply clip together in virtually unlimited structural styles. Accessories such as bridges, counters, alcoves and backlighting can enhance the versatility of the interchangeable portable trade show display systems. The portable trade show display system can convert from tabletop to island trade show exhibits in minutes and adapt to almost any trade show display situation with minimal effort. Usually your own booth staffers can transport and assemble the trade show exhibit themselves saving time and the added costs of drayage and contract workers. Portable trade show displays are an especially suitable option for the first-time exhibitor and for appearances at smaller, regional shows.

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