The Best Fake Tan Vs the Orange Heads

When it comes to old ironside fake id tanning there are generally two opinions, the first is that it’s great and can help you get a nice natural tan color without lots of sun exposure. The second is that it’s a fake and unattractive thing to do and usually makes you look like an orange! The truth is fake tanning requires patience and spending money on a good product, without both of these you can end up looking streaky, orange or both! There are so many poor quality fake tanning products and these can usually give you a very bad looking complexion!

You would think that having such a blatantly obvious fake and orange tan color would be enough for most people to stop using the product and find something better, when in fact what has happened is a new phenomenon has been a born, a cult of orange faced fake tanners with quite possibly the ugliest orange fake tan color you could ever imagine. Doing a simple Google search on ‘orange fake tan’ with bring you plenty of images of the culprits I’m talking about. So what is the deal with these people? Sadly I don’t know, I don’t think anyone does, but it’s clear to see that they actually think they look good with their orange skin because they will go out into the public time and time again with the same horrible looking complexion! Can anybody say deluded?

Fake tanning shouldn’t be about that, and it’s the main reason why it has such a bad name. The reason I started fake tanning was because I didn’t have the chance to spend much time in the sun but at the same time I love having that natural tan color. But let’s face it, there a few products that actually offer you this so it’s taken me a while to get the complexion I’ve wanted!

My advice is this; if you don’t want to look like one of those horrible orange freaks that you see being made fun of all the over the internet then get yourself a good fake tanner and take your time! If I had to make any personal recommendations then I would say that St Tropez is a good bet. With that being said I am currently having brilliant results with Joliese Sunless Tanner and you can see for yourself my before and after pictures at the link below!

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