Wood Decks: Simple Three Step Process to Care For Your Wood Deck

As the spot for everything from family dinners to backyard barbecues, your Deck repair southern illinois gets the kind of activity that can make it look worn. For long lasting good looks, it should be cleaned and repaired every season. Here is a simple three step method for getting the most out of your deck.

1. Clean: start your deck cleaning by moving furniture from your wood deck and sweeping or blowing leaves or other debris. You want to have a clean surface before you use any chemicals. Typical products to use include deck cleaners, or deck brighteners. These treatments work on the surface. Before applying the cleaner, you want to wet down any plants near the deck and cover them with sheets of plastic to protect them from the chemical cleaners.

There are many different ways to apply the chemicals. So after mixing the cleaning solution, you can apply it to the deck using a pump garden sprayer or mop. To really work the solution into the cracks, dents, and dirty edges, scrub the deck with a push broom. Rinse off the cleaner with a hose after the recommended time. While pressure washers are often touted for cleaning decks, then usually aren’t necessary and can actually damage the surface of the wood by forcing water deep into the wood surface.

2. Repair: Repair badly cracked warped or rotten deck boards. You will need hammer, sandpaper, and a drill for this step. Hammer in nails that have worked loose, or replace them with rust resistant deck screws. Sand rough spots and remove splinters from the surface of the deck and handrails.

3. Finish: If your deck needs to be stained or sealed, then you can use a hardy waterproofing sealer. You want to make sure the deck is clean and dry and that rain is not in the weather forecast for at least 24 hours. To reduce lap marks, apply the finish when the deck is in the shade. Another way to avoid lap marks is to use a pump garden sprayer to apply the finish, going over each section with a paintbrush to spread out the puddles. To prevent further wood cracking, brush the finish deep into the wood. This keeps the water from getting deep inside and then expanding the cracks during winter. Let the sealer dry for the suggested amount of time before replacing your deck furniture and grill.

In summary, a beautiful, versatile wood deck can add richness and pleasure to your backyard entertaining. Equally as important, a deck is a long-term investment and adds to your home’s value. Following the simple steps outlined in this article will keep the deck of your dreams lasting a lifetime.

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