Where are the Miracles Hiding When You’re Down and Out?

Hard times test us. They challenge our acim that The Universe is a beautiful place, that we will be supported in what we are trying to accomplish in our lives, and they especially challenge our belief in ourselves.

But sometimes, and I’m sure you’ve experienced this in your own life, sometimes it gets really, really hard to stay awake and aware of the miracles in our lives. Today I was talking with a couple I’m coaching, and that’s exactly what we ended up talking about: How hard it is to stay awake of despairing habits and patterns that sap our energy, make us not want to continue to try, and get us to believe that we’ll never have our dreams come true.

Believe it or not, that answer to that question rests within the words of the question itself. All we have to do, and I know it’s hard to do sometimes, but all we have to do is change the spirit of that question.

So instead of asking this question as if we’ve been cheated or tricked about miracles being all around us, we simply shift the spirit of the question to one of wonder and curiosity.

So we ask, “Yeah, where ARE those miracles hiding in my life today? Let me see if I can find them!” And we go after that search.

Here’s a list of miracles I made recently, when I was feeling challenged to stay ‘up’ about my coaching business:

Wow, that’s cool to review this list again! It inspires me to look further for the good in my life, and to see more and more miracles.

Here’s my suggestion: Pull out your laptop or a piece of paper, and jot down your own list of wonderful aspects in your life. Do it now. You’ll begin, I’ll wager, as you move down your list to feel just what I felt: “Wow! My life is going well!”

Where are those miracles hiding when we’re down and out? Right under our noses. Do it now. Why wait another minute to find your own miracles?

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