Ultimate Wealth Package, Rich Jerk, or Adwords Miracle

Recently in a marketing forum I was asked which internet marketing ebook I prefer: Ultimate Wealth Package by Mark Warren, The Rich Jerk by Kelly Felix, or AdWords acim. These are 3 of the most popular internet marketing ebooks available today. Each of them is unique in their own way which is why many people purchase all 3 of them. People want to know which has the best information for the cost and if they are even worth spending money on. I have decided to give a straightfoward answer here.

First of all the Rich Jerk is a fantastic ebook that covers how to make money by affiliate marketing. In case you don not know what affiliate marketing is, it is when you promote products that are not yours and earn a portion of the sale when a customer buys from your link. The first chapter is about affiliate marketing and it shows you how to get an affiliate website set up and earning money. The Rich Jerk really knows his stuff.

I then continued my ebook collection and bought the Ultimate Wealth Package. This was a steal because along with the main ebook there are 3 other ebooks, marketing tools, and many other very useful resources. You also get resale rights with this package so you can either give them away as free items or sell them for whatever price you want and make even more money. This is a great ebook for a beginner as it shows a step by step approach to get started.

Not too long ago AdWords Miracle was released. This is probably my favorite internet marketing ebook. This guide really teaches you how to dominate adwords. There is a particular section that I am obsessed with called skimming. In this chapter you will learn how to set up different accounts that should make you around $100 per week. Now that is nothing huge, but what you do is set up and fine tune 1 account and then move on to the next one until you have several accounts going all earning you money at the same time. Truly amazing.

If you combine the strategies taught in these 3 packages you will be well ahead of the internet marketing game. It is possible to try and test your strategies on your own, but why not save the time and money and use proven methods? Yes you have to pay for these ebooks, but the information within them are worth much more than their selling price.

Overall, If you are just starting out in the world of internet marketing, I would suggest looking at an ebook called Thank You Rich Jerk by Holly Mann. This ebook is a steal at the very low price she offers it for. It is very easy to follow and she will lay out the basics of internet marketing for you. However, if you have some experience in internet marketing I would highly suggest you purchase the Rich Jerk and AdWords Miracle. These two ebooks combined are a killer force. The information is unique and it works.

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