The Various Types of Online Products

Let me first clarify what I mean by online پمپ شناور. I mean information products that can be delivered via the internet and not physical products. Also when I talk about products I mean information that can be downloaded and used by the customer at home on their own rather than programmes that, by my definition, would involve some level of interaction between you and your customers in order to deliver the information. The three main formats for online information products are ebooks, audios and videos. There are others such as apps, software e.g. WordPress plug-ins and templates e.g. sales letter generators. I am going to confine this article to the 3 main formats.

Ebooks are still very common and popular products to buy and sell online. However, generally they don’t command very high prices these days and people expect to pick up an eBook for just a few dollars. Another issue with ebooks is that people don’t read as much as they used to, mainly because they don’t have the time, and so most ebooks purchased sit on people’s computers unread or at least people only read the first few pages and then intend to return to the rest at a later date but rarely do. So I recommend that you mainly reserve ebooks to use as giveaways to entice people to join your email list and also that you keep your ebooks short and to the point so that people feel that they can read them in one sitting.

Information products recorded as audios such as mp3s are becoming much more common. They have the advantage over ebooks of having a greater perceived value and so you can charge much higher prices for the same information. Another key advantage is that customers can listen to audios during otherwise redundant time like travelling to work so that they are much more likely to actually use your product. Why is it important that they listen to and use your product? Well, until they do they won’t get results. When they get results they will want more and who are they most likely to turn to… you! Your goal should be to attract repeat buyers as this is the most effective way to generate an income and build a business.

The last type of information product I mentioned is video. With the rise of sites like You-Tube videos have become much more common. However videos usually take more effort to create and require more space, etc to host. It can be a pain for you and your customers to make sure that they are quick to load and easy to watch in all the different browsers for example. There are some niches where they are essential to convey the information required but for most purposes an audio will do just as well.

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