The Practical and the Extravagant Points of Your Bathroom Remodel

When you do a bathroom shower remodel remodel, your mind is likely on the common bathroom remodeling decisions. You want to choose fixtures, floor coverings, and wall treatments. You will probably leave the fine points to the end of your remodeling project. It might be a good idea to consider both practical and extravagant choices along with your other planning decisions.

Water Efficiency

You may automatically think of choosing your toilet based on size, style and comfort considerations. Another factor to think about these days is water efficiency. Some parts of the country demand that your fixtures meet certain water-conserving requirements in your bathroom remodel. Even if there is not a law about it, you will save money if you use less water.

You can get a high efficiency toilet that flushes with 1.1 gallons per flush. If you are choosing a toilet like this, it pays to speak to someone who has experience with these fixtures because some of them do not flush completely. Some of them can be noisy. Going low flow is a good and admirable thing to do, but you need to choose wisely or you will not be happy with the results of your bathroom remodel.

Faucets can help with water efficiency as well. Some areas also have regulations on efficiency for faucets. You can get faucets with flow limiters to help with the problem of excess water use. Some of the newer designs are naturally more water efficient while giving the appearance and function of using the amount of water you always used.

Hands-free faucets can limit the amount of water you use as well, only coming on when you move your hands in front of them and going off when you move them away from the front of the sink. All these water-savers can be designed into your bathroom remodel. You can do it yourself, but you will need to do a large amount of research to get the best fixtures available that save an appreciable amount of water. Getting a professional remodeling company to do your job will eliminate this headache.

Bathroom Accessories

On the opposite end of the scale from the practical aspects of water efficiency is the incorporation of accessories into the design of your bathroom remodel. There are so many choices in bathroom amenities; it can make your head spin. You will have ideas of what accessories you want in your bathroom, but if you use an expert remodeler, he will probably help you narrow down the options.

Many people now use plasma TVs in their bathroom remodel. This is especially popular in master baths or steam bathrooms. Installing a plasma TV in a bathroom takes extra knowledge. It should only be done by someone who has the necessary skills to do the job so that the TV is both functional and safe.

Artwork should be your choice, but you may have trouble finding a work of art that is appropriate to hang in a bathroom. Artwork must be able to stand up to a high level of moisture and not interfere with the space requirements of the room. The job might be easier if you have a remodeling expert who has a line on where to find suitable artwork. The bathroom remodel will certainly be faster and easier for you.

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