The Most Common Symptoms, Causes, and Solutions for a Blown Head Gasket

Bear in mind that your engine’s planar magnetic headphones gasket is crucial to its effective performance. Between the cylinder head and the engine block lies this engine component.

You could start to wonder what caused the issue or what symptoms of a blown head gasket you might have missed or disregarded. Gaskets help in the formation of optimal compression by sealing the engine cylinders while also limiting the leaking of engine oil and coolant.

If you own a car, nothing can start a bad day/mood faster than a blown head gasket. When you notice the symptoms, you can instantly see the dent in your money account that the repair and labour charges will cause, not to mention the irritation. This can also cause your MOT emissions test to fail, so check MOT expiration date and have this problem fixed.

With that in mind, below are several signs or symptoms that your vehicle’s gasket has failed.Symptoms and Signs of a Blown Head Gasket

One of the most significant car engine problems is a faulty gasket. So, how can you know whether your car has this issue? Any of the following symptoms should raise a red flag and encourage you to consult your trusted technician:hite Exhaust Smoke

If you notice white smoke coming from your exhaust pipe, your gasket may have burst. This happens when antifreeze leaks into your car’s combustion chamber. The coolant condenses into steam as a result of the searing heat, which leaves via the exhaust as white smoke. A sweet smell accompanies the rising smoke. Check MOT history of your car and see if there is a previous pattern in failed emissions tests.Dirty Spark Plugs

While numerous engine issues may leave small, white deposits on your vehicle’s spark plugs, a ruptured head gasket is also a possibility. These deposits occur when the coolant inside the combustion chamber is exposed to high temperatures. Examine your spark plugs for any indication of such deposits surrounding the electrode or ground strap.

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