The Humble Garage – No Longer Just a Dumping Ground

For many home owners the humble Epoxy Garage Oklahoma City is now thought of as the most popular part of the house to store away all those old, miss-used and even broken items that they just can’t bear to throw away. Over the last decade the garage has become the ‘Mecca’ of all things clutter and for much of the UK the days when the average homeowner uses their garage to park their car have become a vacant memory.

Instead most garages have been turned into the family dumping ground where everything is simply scattered around the floor and several years worth of clutter is left to collect dust. In a survey to 1000 homeowners over 70% of the people surveyed stated that their garage was ‘that room’ in the house which was the most untidy, most cluttered and most annoying to live with.

With this recent trend becoming increasingly more common, is this the beginning of the end of the humble garage? Will the garage only serve to be a gathering spot for all the unwanted clutter, tools and equipment and is the family run-around always destined to be left on the drive when it’s not being used. Well, with the introduction of a new garage design trend this no longer seems to be the case!

Over the last few years the introduction of the exciting Fitted Garage concept has revolutionised the typical garage and has transformed it into an ideal room that can be tailored around the lifestyle of the its owner. Just as you’d go out and hit all those DIY stores to choose the perfect new kitchen suite, home owners are now getting increasingly more excited about their garages and are turning them into a room that they can be proud of.

Because of the advantages that the Fitted Garage concept can present, it is fast becoming a growing design trend amongst interior designers and homeowners alike – changing the way homeowners think about their garages. So what does this exciting new concept provide?

Well firstly it creates a lot more style and substance within the garage. New owners of the Fitted Garage can use it to transform their garage and ensure that the whole of the garage is clean, tidy and fully utilised. Although stunningly stylish in its own right, the Fitted Garage can also be designed and styled to meet the unique needs of the owner, making it extremely flexible for the lifestyle and personal tastes of the individual.

In addition to re-styling the garage this unique new concept can be used to create increased storage where all those tools, sports and garden equipment have a home. With a reduction in clutter and the creation of more floor space, the homeowner can take their car off the driveway again and park it back in its rightful place.

With homeowners continuing to see the benefits of the Fitted Garage concept it’s safe to say that home owners are now beginning to realise the full potential that their garage represents. They’re no longer using it as just a dumping ground and are transforming their garage into the dream garage or lifestyle room.

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