Promote Your Book, 3 Powerful Secrets

There are an abundance of un cours en miracles france promotion tools that you will want to use, however there are three that you absolutely must use if you want to make tons of money, if you want to reach the top of the bestsellers lists, if you want to take your life to levels you have only dreamed of before today.

Reviews and testimonials are worth 100 perfectly written sales pages. They are the proof that your book is worth the money. Testimonials are one of the ‘back up’ sources of credibility in your sales copy.

There are magazines and companies that review books specifically for authors – send your book to these people and ask for a review. Additionally, you can ask experts in the industry related to your book if they will write a review. They do not need to read the entire book; you can send them a few chapters or a galley. Also, do not be afraid to ask associates for a review.

However, there is an easy solution to that dilemma. Quality, reputable testimonials can be obtained by sending your book to a dozen associates and asking for their opinion. In fact, if you trade a testimonial for a link to his or her website, then I cannot imagine anyone saying no to your request.

Once you have a couple of beneficial testimonials from associates, add them to your sales letter, landing page and press kit, and then go about collecting some more.

It is your opportunity to demonstrate that the cost of your book is a steal and it is your best opportunity to engage their curiosity. After reading your table of contents, readers should feel that they MUST read your book.

When people look at your table of contents, they will be looking directly at the titles of your chapters. Let us take a look at how to name a chapter for maximum impact.

It breaks the chapter down into measurable action steps and it engages the reader. Now they must buy the book because they need to find out what to do with their puppy the very first day to make all subsequent days easier and more fulfilling.

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