Nintendo DS – A Game of Legends

The handheld goodgamestation has seen a revolutionary change in recent times. With increasing use of modern technology, video gameplay has become more exciting and adventurous now. Nintendo DS is playing a pivotal role in all this transformation.

Nintendo DS is one of the leading game stations in the US. It is known for its progressive features such as two ultra bright screens, 3D graphics, touch screen technology and wireless communication. Its games are so popular in the US that it has surpassed even the number of games sold by Sony. Nintendo has given a new meaning to the interaction between gamers and games. You can now challenge anyone to play this breathtaking game with you irrespective to the distance and place.

Nintendo DS offers you the most extraordinary view of gameplay with its two big LCD screens. It provides the outlook of a 3D view not just a 2D one. One of the unique new features is that players can be able to battle in a variety of different planets in the new multiplayer mode. Using your Nintendo DS wifi connection you can link the two together and unlock bonus levels for both versions of the game. This will allow players to get high scores get posted on the online leader boards.

The game also features a great graphics and sound quality which make it superior to other portable game systems. Nintendo has also paid attention to the comfort of the gamers. The all new PictoChat feature allows users to write messages on-screen keyboard and send them wirelessly. A built-in microphone port for voice control of games gives an ultra modern dimension to this game. It can be used for the purpose of voice chat with other DS players.

This new video game will make the perfect addition to any video game collection. You can develop your own collection with Nintendo games. The games such as Dragon Quest, The king of clubs and Godzilla would be the perfect collection to play and record a victory.

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