Make the Switch to Balloon Bag Vaporizers IGET Hot Flavours

It was a moment of brilliance when vape aficionados discovered the ability to trap vapors inside a plastic bag, called a balloon. The balloon can be detached and carried around as a IGET Hot Flavours lover inhales the vapors inside. Here is the basic idea.

You attach a plastic bag to the connector chamber of a tabletop vaporizer. Add some heat and a bit of wind power to create the vapors and force them into the plastic bag. Things will get pretty steamy in the plastic bag, as hot vapor floods the inside. Wait until the balloon is fully inflated, or inflated to your desired size, and then detach from the vaporizer. Make sure you squeeze the opening of the balloon shut until you are ready to inhale.

At first, the plastic bags used for balloon bag vaping were just simple balloons that you could find in a vape shop or even grocery store, but now the best balloon bag vaporizers for sale have specially created components that are made to hold vapors. Another thing that has changed is the vaporizer itself. If you are going to partake in balloon bag vaping, it’s best to have a vaporizer made for that purpose.

For balloon bag vaping to work, the tabletop vaporizer must have an internal fan. This fan is what pushes the vapors out of the chamber and into the balloon. Without this essential piece of equipment, the hot vapors would remain within the vaporizers connection chamber. Therefore, a vaporizer with a good internal fan is definitely on your list when looking at the best balloon bag vaporizers for sale.

However, the extra equipment and functionality needed for balloon-style vaping requires that the vaporizer is slightly larger than others needed for other methods. The most popular balloon-style vaporizers stay sleek and compact because even the people who love tabletop vaping, can be put off by a vaporizer that is bulky. At Vapaura, we carry a range of vaporizers that can be used for balloon bag vaping.

First off, balloon bag vaping allows vape enthusiasts to control the size of the vapors. Those who want a smooth and easy-going hit can put the fan on a higher setting, and the hot vapors will be smaller and less intense. However, if you are seeking a punch from fat vapors, then slow down the fan’s speed. This will produce bigger vapors that give you a bigger punch. If you are new to balloon bag vaping, it can be interesting to experiment with the size of the vapors and how much you inflate the plastic bag. After all, experimentation is what led to balloon bag vaping in the first place.

Second, the balloon bag takes this tabletop vaporizer from stationary to mobile. Once the balloon is inflated, you detach the component from the vaporizer. Then, you can move within your home and still have that flavorful hit of herbs or concentrates by your side.

Lastly, compared to the other popular method of tabletop vaping, whip vaporizing, the balloon bag method means cool and comfortable vaping. There is no need to draw the vapors directly from a mouthpiece, which gives the hot vapors a little time to cool. Even if you are anxious for that first draw, the balloon bag is going to keep you from burning your lips and mouth.

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