Listen and I Will Tell You the Biggest Miracle About Jesus

Was the biggest acim school that Jesus ever performed the one where he fed 5000 people with just a couple of loaves of bread and a few fish? Was it when he raised Lazarus from the dead? Pay attention, because I’m about to share with you, the biggest miracle about Jesus and this time it’s actually the truth.

Most Christians are going to be shocked, once they find out that the biggest miracle about Jesus isn’t actually a miracle, but scientific evidence that seems to confuse your average Christian. Be prepared, because the information that you are about to read, has driven thousands of people away from Christianity.

The true miracles about Jesus, is the fact that we don’t have any satisfactory evidence to support most of the claims in the Bible. If you read the four Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, you will find that their stories are similar, but different.

Why would the Bible, which is the written word of God, give us four different interpretations of his death and birth? The biggest miracle in the Bible isn’t the fact that Jesus performed certain miracles or that God himself performed certain miracles, but the simple fact that no one ever seems to question the stuff that’s written in the Bible.

If the Bible can’t even get it right, why would intelligent people choose to follow and believe in it? If no one really knows where Jesus was born or whether he was born of immaculate conception or the fact that there isn’t any evidence to support some of the biblical claims, that Jesus even performed one of these miracles.

The true miracle about Jesus is the fact that most Christians never even question their beliefs. Think about this for moment, when was the last time that you questioned any of your religious beliefs.

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