How To Fill The Punch Bags Like The Pros

As boxing & MMA are becoming widely recognized as the best approach for fitness strength training, and boxing is becoming more popular for แทงมวย fitness, I’ve been getting a lot more questions at the gym. The main question people have about filling a punch bag is what material to use…I’ve heard people on Yahoo Answers telling others to fill their punch bags with grass. I’ve also heard water… but no one ever telling that person to buy a mop! You can’t use grass because it gives off smell and dust. Grass also doesn’t pack well. The punching bag will be way too soft.

Right now I’m revealing exactly how to fill a punching bag based on years and years of experience at the boxing club. I’ve had many students on low budget come to me saying – what kind of material should I use so my grandma can sew me a bag? If you want to spend a lot of time & money buying material over and over, then you can do this…Ok, what about buying a sack? A sack isn’t designed to be hit hard time and time again. It wasn’t made to withstand that kind of pressure. Again, like I said earlier, go this route if you’re wanting to waste time and money.

So the solution? Buy an unfilled heavy bag – it was made to fill… and these boxing punch bags don’t cost a lot… it will save you money in the long-run… trust me. The next thing probably on your mind is the strength & stiffness levels of punch bags. Some boxing bags feel like hitting a brick wall, others are too soft. So how do we get the desired results we’re looking for? The best way to fill those punching bags is to use a combo of ingredients. These ingredients include: Wool, cotton, foam, air, water, clothes, saw dust, rice, feathers, sand, styro foam, rolled up and tightly packed garbage bags (not with grass!), rubber and/or shredded tires. For speed bags, fill with air. For a punch bag, it gets a little more complicated… but it’s quite simple.

The reason why a combo of materials is best is because you can mix say, sand with feathers instead of just using sand. Most people think heavy bags are filled with sand. This is false. Sand is usually just one part of the filler. Filling a punching bag with sand makes it really strong and you could injure your hands. So why don’t we just do what the martial arts dojos and boxing clubs do? I’ll tell you exactly what we used to do at our boxing club when I was a fighter. Just don’t tell anyone I told you… because it is really a closely guarded secret. Fill your punch bags with cloth. Pack it tight so the boxing bag maintains it’s shape. Use sand at the bottom to keep the punch bag a heavy bag… literally! Fill the outer shell with cloth. Sleep mats work very well. Fill the middle core of the punch bags with a mix of feathers and shredded tires and/or any rubber that’s available. If you want it harder, use really packed shredded tires. It’s that simple!

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