Contractor Accountants – 5 Tips For Choosing the Best

Concrete Contractor Woodland Hills CA trading via a limited company can choose to run their contractor company accounts themselves, but the administration burden is time consuming, tax laws are complex and the cost savings relatively small. So most choose specialist contractor accountants, who are geared up to providing efficient accountancy services.

High street accountants and big ‘audit’ accountancy practices mostly focus on small businesses, individual tax planning and large corporations. But contractors’ accountancy needs are unique. So, make sure you choose a specialist contractor accountant, or an accountant with a dedicated team of contractor specialists. It should have many years’ experience dealing mainly with contractor clients and not just local SMEs or large corporates. A good place to start is by checking out paid-for advertisements on contractor-focused websites, because only specialist accountants will advertise there

Contractor accountants should be regulated by professional bodies and may be members of contracting sector trade organisations. They may also be accredited by contractor and freelance organisation, PCG. Make sure you choose an accountant that has professionally qualified accountants on its staff and industry accreditation from a recognised contracting industry organisation.

You probably don’t need to speak to the senior partner every time you have a query, so don’t pay fees as if you do. You may only need annual accounts and do much of the admin yourself, or you might want accountants to do everything for you. So choose an accountant that best suits your needs and charges only for services you use. And do carefully check the small print so you know which contractor accountancy services are included in the price and which are extras.

Contractor accountants who do a good job will be recommended by clients. So ask contractors about their experiences of contractor accountancy services and the pros and cons of each provider. Then choose one that gets good reviews from other contractors who are still clients. Look for online testimonials and perhaps ask questions of other contractors in online forums.

A specialist accountant will understand IR35, the Managed Services Company (MSC) legislation and Section 660. If they don’t have a deep understanding of the complex nature of these specialist laws, it could prove extremely costly to you. So choose a specialist who understands contractor tax law. And look for free extras – many accountants now provide free IR35 contract reviews.

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