Can Health Supplements Work Miracles?

Like any topic, it becomes necessary to define what we are talking about when we say a course in miracles podcast. A lot of dispute in the health arena has to do with a lack of explanation of basic definitions or parameters. For example, there may be two studies with two different outcomes regarding fats. So, the question must be asked, exactly what kind of fat were they measuring? Saturated fat? Unsaturated fat? Cold processed, unrefined oil (a fat)? To test two different kinds of substances with a generic name, and then compare the results, becomes counterproductive and leads to confusion unless terms are defined. Statistically, this is considered comparing apples with oranges.

When the word “miracle” is used in relation to supplements, does this mean that supplements bring something out of the invisible, etheric realm and affect the body in a supernatural way not possible by human means? A miracle is defined as “an extraordinary event taken as a sign of the power of God”. While miracles do occur through prayer, when it comes to supplements, the word miracle may be what is used, but it is not a supernatural event. We use the word miracle simple because the English language is limited in differentiating terms. A person can love ice cream and also love his or her spouse or child. Is it the same kind of love?

So recognizing we are limited in the vocabulary we have to work with, yes, it may seem like a supplement can create a miracle, but it is actually a very natural event. The body needs certain macro and micro nutrients to live. A macro nutrient is one that is needed in large amounts. A micro nutrient is needed in small or trace amounts. Regardless, all are necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Beyond that, the body needs water.

The body is supposed to be around 70% water, though statistics vary. Thus, suppose someone were in the heat all day and did not have any water to drink. He would feel drained of energy. All of a sudden, what if this person were able to get a glass of lukewarm water and started to sip it. His strength would begin to recover. We might call it a “miraculous” recovery. Yet it would boil down to a physiological fact that when someone gets the fluid he needs in the body, the body will respond in a positive way.

Likewise, many people are deficient on one or more nutrients. So when people start taking supplements, and start getting some of the trace, micro and macro nutrients they have needed, it may seem “miraculous” the types of things that happen to their bodies and the improvement they see. Yet, it is the normal physiological response of the body absorbing and using a nutrient it needs. The “miraculous” becomes possible with good nutrition and correct supplementation.

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