Best Shopping Malls in Chiang Mai

When you come to Thailand you will be amazed at the quantity of markets and Spectrum Mall Noida in this country. There are markets next to almost every popular temple in even small towns and villages. Asians and especially Thais love shopping. As people in western countries spend a lot of time in front of their TVs, in Thailand people prefer going shopping. They especially like their modern malls which are not only places for shopping, but also places for entertainment, meeting friends and relaxation.

This is especially true in Chiang Mai, which is one of the most interesting cities in Thailand. You can find here beautiful temples, famous markets and modern malls. It is probably the most important place for Thai handicrafts and arts in whole Thailand. You can buy here handicrafts, arts and antiques cheaper than anywhere else in Thailand. This is also true about modern products that you can buy here. Although foreign tourists who visit Chiang Mai are mostly interested in Chiang Mai’s markets (especially the must see Night Bazaar), there are also very good malls in Chiang Mai.

Kad Suan Kaew Central Mall

Kad Suan Kaew Central Mall is the biggest mall in the city. It is located on Huay Kaew Road, not far from (about 100-200 meters) the old city moat. This place is very popular in the city, attracting shopaholics from all over Thailand and also abroad. Very popular among young and old. It is also a wonderful place to just come and relax, maybe drinking a cup of coffee in one of the mall’s cafes.

The shopping mall has very interesting Thai decor and is wholly air conditioned. The atmosphere there is very cool and relaxed. You can buy here almost anything. Whatever your shopping requirements are the Kad Suan Kaew Central Mall is the place for you. If you are hungry there are many restaurants where you can find both international and Thai food. The food is really delicious.

You can also stay at the Lotus Pang Suan Kaew Hotel, which is located at the mall and is famous for its hospitality and warmth. You can find at the hotel facilities like a games room, sauna, tennis courts, swimming pool, fitness center and gymnasium.

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