A guide to matched betting – part four

The first bet is to back (bet for) an outcome and the second bet is to lay (bet against) the same outcome. We need to find odds to allow us to do this,A guide to matched betting – part four Articles and depending on the stage, either breakeven or make a profit. In this article we summarise matched betting and tell you where to go next for further فارس بت.

Matched betting flow chart

Below is a matched betting flow chart. Be aware, the actions may vary depending on the terms of the free bet.

  • Find a bookmaker that offers a free bet.
  • Sign up to the bookmaker and deposit the free bet amount.
  • Place a qualifying bet of the free bet amount.
    – Find the right odds to back and lay against the same outcome and breakeven.
  • By performing the above your free bet should be unlocked and ready for use.
  • Place your free bet.
    – Find the right odds to back and lay against the same outcome and make a profit.
  • Repeat the above with numerous bookmakers.

The matched betting concept is easy but to carry out matched betting in practice it is much harder. After reading my guide you should be comfortable with the concept and have a basic understanding as to how to carry it out. However I would suggest you read more about the subject to gain a further understanding. There is a good guide on Learn Matched Betting (www.learnmatchedbetting.co.uk).

Best free bets for matched betting

Many people ask what are the best free bets for matched betting. Well I’d recommend targeting stake returned and stake not returned free bets, leaving wager requirements until you are more experienced.

Here are a few examples of personally what I think are some of the best free bets at the time of writing:

-> Paddy Power £50 Free Bet

-> Betfred £50 Free Bet

-> Betclic £30 Free Bet

-> William Hill £25 Free Bet

-> Titan bet £25 Free Bet

There are many more free bets available which means if done correctly you can make a nice sum of money from matched betting. I hope you have enjoyed reading the guide and feel you have learned more about matched betting. However as this involves betting I strongly recommend you find out even more before proceeding, and whatever information you act upon, from my articles, you do so at your own risk. Also do not be tempted to gamble, matched betting is not gambling if carried out correctly. Good luck if you decide to proceed with matched betting.

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