3 Reasons, A Progressive Agenda Demands A Pragmatic Idealistic Approach

Time – after – time, well – intentioned, frustrated pragmatic88, pursue and demand necessary changes, and their movement, is, generally, galvanized, when there is, some sort of crisis, and/ or, horrific event! Whether, this is about, choosing the best candidate, to achieve things, seeking the finest strategic and action plans/ planning, and/ or, properly handling public health challenges and crises, and/ or, civil unrest, this, all – or – nothing approach, rarely, achieves changes, which creates a difference, for the better! Which would you prefer, someone, who talks – the – talk, or an individual, ready, willing, able, and prepared to actually, be a leader, by leading by example, and stepping forward, to walk – the – walk? While, we need public leaders, with genuine empathy, foresight, and idealism, we must select those, with the pragmatism, to know the best way, to proceed, along with a positive, can – do, attitude, and a well – developed, relevant skill set/ aptitude! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 3 reasons, this is needed, and necessary.

1. All – or – nothing, polarizing instead of consensus – seeking!: Even though, most of the time, strict, idealistic people, are well – intentioned, mere, empty promises, and rhetoric, doesn’t get it done! We need to elect leaders, who seek a consensus, but, do so, with articulating, a message, in an inspiring, motivating manner, who, want to put united, back in the United States of America! No matter how good, one’s intentions, ideas, priorities, etc, it serves little – to – no, benefit, unless/ until, it becomes the law of the land, and is, properly enforced!

2. Balancing short, intermediate, and longer – term priorities: Rarely, does it do any good, when policies are made, based on populist, and/ or, partisan politics, instead of well – considered, sound policy! It’s essential to consider the intermediate, and longer – term, potential ramifications, and the challenges, to overcome. Be certain, to demand, any candidate’s or public official’s position, is based on a well – considered plan, which can be passed, and enacted into law! Unless/ until, the approach is to balance these priorities, carefully, we don’t win!

3. Need solutions, instead of empty rhetoric/ promises: All the good/ best intentions, and declarations/ proclamations, don’t achieve addressing the necessary/ needed priorities, and goals, unless/ until, a well – considered strategy, and step – by – step, action plan, brings forth the necessary/ needed solutions! Idealism only makes a difference, when it is accompanied with pragmatism, and a plan, to get things done.

Which is better, seeking everything, in an idealist manner, and getting little changed, or, being a pragmatic idealist, and, getting things done, incrementally? Wake up, America, and seek solutions, which can be achieved!

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